This policy has been prepared for the Guvende Kal Application, which has been developed as part of efforts regarding Covid-19, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection (PDP) Law No. 89/2007 and the relevant Regulation.

Identity of the Data Controller:

In terms of your personal data processed in this application, the data controller is the TRNC Authorities.

Purposes of Processing Personal Data:

In this application, your personal data listed below are processed as part of efforts against COVID-19 and for the following purposes for a duration limited by the Covid-19 period.

Identity Data:

Your Identity Number, name surname, date of birth information are used to verify your identity.


The Güvende Kal app needs to use the device's audio feature to alarm and warn you about complying with the quarantine process requirements. The application uses the audio feature in use and background mode. In order to be able to select your PCR and portrait photo from the device gallery and to easily upload information about your health, it needs File, Photo and Video access.

Photo Gallery and Camera Access -> CAMERA ACCESS PERMISSION

Camera access is needed to upload your PCR test, self-portrait image and to scan the QR Code that will be connect with the smart wristband. All the uploaded material will be used for the verification of the PCR test and faster identity verification when entering the country.

Location Data:

Your location information is used to determine the location you are under isolation, to send you a notification if you leave this location, and to inform the relevant authorities.

Vaccine Data:

Information on the type of vaccine, date of vaccination, how many doses of vaccination and whether you have had covid-19 disease before, are collected for the purpose of recording and controlling the double-vaccinated and/or people who have had the disease during their entry into the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Photo Gallery and Camera Access;

Access is needed for images of the PCR test and portrait photos. These are used for the verification of the PCR test and faster verification of the identity of the person when entering the country.


Bluetooth access is needed during the quarantine period for the communication of the application with the wristband delivered to you.

Transfer of Personal Data:

If you leave the area where you need to be under isolation, your identity, contact information and location data obtained by this application are shared with the TRNC Authorities in order to protect the public health and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Activity Recognition:

Güvende Kal application needs to monitor your health during the quarantine process and your physical activities with your device for quarantine tracking.

Method and Legal Reason for Collecting Personal Data

Your personal data is obtained in a completely automatic way through this application and is processed for the public interest and / or legal interests pursued by the third party to whom the data is transmitted within the scope of Article 6 of the PDP Law.

Rights of Related Persons

You can use your rights of access and objection as per articles 14 and 15 respectively of the PDP Law by applying to the relevant ministry in accordance with article 16 of the relevant Law.